P8x4 36″ LED Traffic Advisor Dash Interior Light Bar Red / Blue

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With bright, high quality 1W LEDs, this 36″ interior light bar is the ideal emergency,warning and traffic directional light bar for rear view and rear deck light applications.


36″ interior light bar for rear view applications.

Traffic advisor and interior LED lightbar is suitable for ambulance, EMS, fire-and emergency vehicles; marked and unmarked police vehicles; military trucks,  government, municipal county, city and utility vehicles.

Please be sure to measure the space in the vehicle before ordering. It wil fit into medium to large sized vehicles.

Additional Information

Product Features
  • 8 panels with 4 LEDs / panel
  • 32 Generation III 1W LEDs for a total of 32W power
  • Compatible with all vehicles with 12V power source.
  • Brand New. Never Been Used or Installed
  • Very bright, high intensity wide angle Led lights.
  • LED panels allow for alternating or simultaneous flash which achieves more attention than a single light product.
  • Mounting brackets (L-brackets) are included.


  1. Alternating Dual Side-to-Side Flashes
  2. Outside to Inside Dual Flashes
  3. Single Lamp Sequence to Left
  4. Single Lamp Sequence to Right
  5. Rapid Quad Side-to-Side Flashes then Simultaneous Rapid Flashes
  6. Simultaneous Rapid Flashes
  7. All LEDs stay on
Dimensions35.5″L x 1.75″W x 3″H
Light Panel Dimensions4″ x 1″
Wire Length9′
BrandSuper Bright
Light ColorRed / Blue
Warranty2 Years


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