VW / Audi OBD II Auto Scanner


BRAND NEW OBD II / EOBD II auto scanner manufactured particularly to work with 1990 – 2004 VAG (Volkswagen AG) vehicles: Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat.


This auto scanner (OBD II car reader) easily connects to the diagnostic socket and will quickly find your trouble issues by reading the specific diagnostic trouble codes (DTC). It is light weight and easy to use. The user’s guide will allow you to identify, locate, read and clear all codes which have been stored. Reads and erases Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) of Engine, ABS, Airbags and Automatic Transmission. This scanner is specifically designed to work with 1990 and newer VW, AUDI, SEAT SKODA vehicles. This scanner is not compatible with Controller Area Network protocol. (Some of the 2004 and newer models use the CAN, Controller Area Network protocol.

Additional Information

Compatible VehiclesThis item is compatible with VAG (Volkswagen AG) vehicles: Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat that were made between 1990 and 2004. Consider our CAN-BUS compliant products for 2005 and newer cars.
Compatible OBD II ProtocolsSAE J1850 – PWM, SAE J1850 – VPW, ISO 9141-2, ISO 14230-4 – KWP 2000
Designed ForAudi, Volkswagen
Product Features* Reads and clears generic and manufacturer specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), including Engine- and Automatic Transmission related codes. * It turns check engine light off * Supports multiple trouble code requests: generic codes, pending codes and manufacturer’s specific codes * Highly reliable and accurate * Easy-to-read crystal-clear backlit 2-line LCD display * Easy to use with one plug-in * Stand-alone unit with no need for an additional laptop computer to operate * Small in size and conveniently fits in your palm * Performs continuous DTC scan * Safely communicates with the on-board computer * No batteries needed; powered via detachable OBD II cable * Code Book Included (User’s Manual) Extension Cable length = ~31 inches Specification: 16-pin OBDII Standard Socket Voltage: DC 10V~12V Display: Back-lit 2 line LCD Display No batteries needed. Power is directly supplied by the diagnostic socket.


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