Volunteer Firefighter Green / Green Visor LED Strobe Lights


Super bright LED emergency strobe light with Green / Green LED color. Suitable for any type of vehicles, especially for warning and other special purpose, such as volunteer firefighter vehicles.


This item comes with 2 velcro visor straps and 2 removable suction cup mounting brackets.

Additional Information

Product Features
  • 86 (43 x 2) Super Bright LEDs
  • 10 Flash Patterns:
  1. Alternate single strobe (slow)
  2. Alternate single strobe (fast)
  3. Alternate 3 continuous & 3 simultaneous strobe
  4. Alternate 7 continuous strobe (fast)
  5. Alternate 3 continuous strobe (fast)
  6. Simultaneous single strobe (slow)
  7. Simultaneous single strobe (fast)
  8. Simultaneous 3 continuous strobe (slow)
  9. Simultaneous 2 continuous slow then 5 continuous strobe (fast)
  10. Random strobe
  • ON/OFF button on the unit
  • Select pattern button on the unit
Dimensions12″L x 4″W x 1″D
Light Panel DimensionsEach light panel is 3″L x 4 3/4″W
Wire Length7 foot long coiled wire
BrandSuper Bright
Light ColorGreen / Green
Warranty1 Year


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