OTC 6522 Leak Tamer EVAP Smoke Diagnostic Machine


The OTC 6522 is half the size of its predecessor (OTC 6521), but twice as mighty with more powerful features.


At least 80 percent of the top emission codes on vehicles today can be diagnosed faster and more accurately with smoke technology. Technicians proficient with engine maintenance, vacuum, gaskets and seals including EVAP systems have a multitude of problem finding opportunities using the smoke based leak detection offered by OTC’s LeakTamer. And when working on EVAP systems, you need more than just a scan tool.

The LeakTamer is less than half the size of its popular predecessor model offering improved portability in your shop and more powerful diagnostics in a smaller package. General repair and body shop technicians can use this tool to solve problems including wind noise, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) performance, or to locate and repair water drainage issues. The OTC LeakTamer incorporates patented technology by introducing an OEM approved smoke compound with UltraTrace UV dye to locate virtually any kind of leak quickly and easily.

This tool helps technicians and shop owners save money by eliminating wasted time. A leak as small as 0.020 inch in diameter can allow more than 30 times the amount of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere than is currently acceptable through the exhaust. The LeakTamer can detect micro leaks down to and below 0.010 inch with its large, easy-to read flow meter. The unit also includes precise flow control which is a powerful new feature that allows the operator to adjust amount of smoke the LeakTamer puts out.This helps pinpoint leaks faster and more efficiently, minimizing customer comebacks and improving service bay productivity.

This kit contains the LeakTamer unit, white/UV combination with laser pointer, UV glasses for viewing UltraTrace UV dye, service port adapter, exhaust adapter cone, cap plug adapters, Schrader removal/installation tool, and an 8 ounce UltraTrace UV smoke producing solution.

Kit Includes:

  •     Leak Tamer Unit
  •     White/UV Combination with Laser Pointer
  •     UV Glasses for viewing UltraTrace UV dye
  •     Service Port Adapter
  •     Exhaust Adapter Cone
  •     Cap Plug Adapters
  •     Schrader Removal/Installation Tool
  •     UltraTrace UV Smoke-Producing Solution


Additional Information

Product Features
  • Dealer Recommended, OEM Tested. Market Leading Smoke Technology.
  • Quickly diagnose and repair a leading cause of check engine lights. 80% of top codes can be diagnosed with smoke technology.
  • UltraTrace UV Dye the only OE approved solution.
  • New smoke flow control adjusts for specific applications.
  • Detects microleaksTM to and below .010in.
  • The most economical and portable model containing OEM EVAP-approved smoke technology.
  • Patented UltraTraceUV®
  • Refillable smoke chamber; hundreds of tests between refills – costs only pennies to operate.
  • Use with Nitrogen or workshop air.
  • Fully automatic preset auto-EVAP pressure control.
  • OEM Approved technology will not damage vehicle components and will not void factory warranties.


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